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Timothy's foray into screenwriting and producing was Next of Kin--an upcoming new media project he produced, cowrote and costarred in. Next of Kin is a drama that follows the journey of step siblings Tommy and Felicity. When the two are financially cut off, they find themselves moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco into their father's girlfriend's vacant apartment and use the remaining time on the lease to get their lives back on track.  For more info, click here

As of Spring 2018, other projects being written include:

  1. historical drama feature film centering on Princess Diana

  2. Dramedy ensemble feature film based on his experience working in Entertainment Marketing for a movie studio

  3. Horror short and feature based on Filipino superstitions Timothy's family passed down to him

  4. Romantic drama feature adaption of his short My Liefde

  • My Liefde (short): tells the story of an engaged couple. On the eve of traveling from New York City to South Africa to meet his fiancé Philip's family, James begins to fear whether or not his impending marriage is a mistake. ​

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